The wallpapers depicting the impressive sceneries or famous places of interests seem to be exceptional and attractive to the users. Such images feature different though magnificent locations from all over the world. If you are delighted with artistic landscapes and are large for beautiful nature, this category is intended for you. Tons of prominent landmarks from different corners of the world have been thoroughly collected here to be used as perfect wallpapers, just check them out!

There are HD Yosemite Wallpapers, wonderful Wyoming or Yellowstone National Park hi-res images, stunning sunrises and sunset backgrounds, the views of snow Rocky Mountains, sand dunes, savannah deserts or picturesque azure lakes. One can find here the artistic photos of such world-known landmarks as the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge, the church of La Sagrada Familia or fabulous castles like Neuschwanstein or Bran. Landscape wallpapers are considered to be one of the most often used images for computer devices fascinating to adults and bearing a relaxing and peaceful aura. Such amazing atmosphere makes these sceneries to be worth a taste! All our wallpapers are of exceptional quality, so don’t forget to share them with your friends. You can certainly enjoy these stunning pictures even from a distance!

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Cloud iPad Wallpaper | Free Retina iPad wallpaper

Zion National Park
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Zion National Park wallpapers,wallpapers,pictures

Zion National Park
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... Zion-National-Park-Background ...

Yukon Pictures
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Wide ...

Yukon Background
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Yukon Background

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Hd Yosemite Wallpaper

Yosemite Pictures
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Yosemite Wallpaper

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