It is common knowledge that screensavers can reveal a human’s personality. Some wallpaper images are more appealing to males rather than to females. Take a look at your male friends’ screen saver and you will see how it differs from those of your female friends.

Men’s Favorite Themes

You would never see garden blooms featured in a man’s wallpaper nor can you see cute birds, rabbits, and kittens. Men prefer cars, aircrafts, speed boats, bikes and motorbikes, and digital images of war, competition, and struggle. When it comes to animals, you would see a raging lion or tiger, or a running fox or horse, or a fighting bull. Screensavers related to entertainment would show attractive female actresses, singers, and performers. However, it is common for men to display images of their favorite basketball, football, baseball, golf, and boxing all-time stars.

You can also expect men to download such typical male wallpaper showing drinks like whisky, soda, and other energy drinks while you may not see any fruit juice or chocolate drinks. Men choose drinks that confirm their masculinity and the stronger the drink, the better. How about nature? Men go for images of a stormy sea, a raging river, or a tornado about to hit land. These things are believed to emphasize their masculinity.

Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper
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Bradley - bradley-cooper Wallpaper

Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt for desktop Brad Pitt images

B.B. King
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger (18)

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... Alag The Band Music Wallpaper by muddassir

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Akon Wallpapers

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