Quotes are considered to be short passages written or spoken by famous people, which refer a lesson or give encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to readers. There are thousands of these nuggets of wisdom that can be used as wallpaper and the variety allows for a new one for each day.

Why choose quotes?

Quotes serve as a source of inspiration not only to you, but to whoever happens to see them in your wallpaper. If you are a writer, they can serve as your springboard to come up with an excellent output. If you are a student, they are great sources of ideas for class discussions and writing tasks. These words of wisdom are set on appropriate background with some illustrations. They add character to your screensaver.

Your choice of topics is endless because they cover almost everything in life. There are quotations relevant to education, politics, family, friendship, love and many more. Looking for a good one is easy because you can just enter a topic and you will find all bulls-eye sayings related to it.

Learn excellent facts about life and how to live it though your wallpaper. Let others know how you look at life and inspire them as well by sharing with them your quotes wallpaper.

Marcus Aurelius quote
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Meditations by Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius on pain
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Marcus Aurelius on pain wallpaper

Lion and sheep metaphore
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Homepage » Animals » Lion » Lion and sheep metaphor hd wallpaper

Life quote
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Life Quotes Wallpaper

Life quote
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... Greatest Pleasure in Life... wallpaper 2560x1600

Life quote
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Enjoy Your Life Quotes wallpaper

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Lenyn Nunez quote
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Lenyn Nunez quote wallpaper

Legion - Mass Effect
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Legion - Mass Effect wallpaper

Just be yourself
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Just Be Yourself by TietzeDesign Just Be Yourself by TietzeDesign

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