Typography is the art of arranging text to come up with an interesting image. When the words are read, they make good sense. Usually, the shape formed by arranging the words is related to the text itself. This art has been used in the past by fabric makers. Perhaps you have seen funny shirts and dresses with texts all over.

Have you seen a soda bottle with writings on it arranged in such a way that the contour of the bottle is followed; yet, is the text readable? These images are expected to appear an interesting background for your computer because the idea is textually and visually represented. Choose a design that is appealing to everyone so that your typography wallpaper can serve even as an educational tool to understand some truths in life. These are HD images so the colors are sharp and the letters readable.

Installing such hi-res shots as the screensaver can make your life interesting. These images will look great on your screen. There are soda bottle designs, a gun, a car, a human face, and an apple among them. All of these can be had by clicking a button. The images are free and they can be changed easily anytime. Check out a different one every day and enjoy deciphering the message on each page.

Bruce Lee
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Bruce Lee Wallpapers Stock Photos

Blow up the speakers
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Blow Up The Speakers You are viewing a Music Wallpaper

Be a good man
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When a good man goes to war by Lavasbuffo

Be Creative
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be creative wallpaper by madazulu ...

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Banana Wallpaper

Atomic, biological, chemical
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Atomic, biological, chemical wallpaper

Assassin's Creed motto
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Assassin's Creed motto wallpaper

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Art Wallpaper

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Albert Einstein quote
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... Einstein Quotes 5 ...

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